Which is Better Between Hotel and Vacation Rentals?

Going on a vacation requires a little bit of planning ahead and making sure all the needs and desires of each family member are predicted with the possibility of fulfillment. It is a holiday for everyone, isn’t it? All the factors should be taken into consideration. Depending on what kind of vacation you would like, if you are traveling alone or with a family, are you taking kids or not, perhaps even a pet, the choice of accommodation will vary. Here are advantages and disadvantages of both, so you can make a good choice that you will be satisfied with.

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Vacation Rentals are More Affordable

If you are traveling with a big family or few friends, the price of the vacation can get significantly lower with vacation rentals. The hotels charge per person, while vacation rentals are rented for a certain period of time by a certain price. It is the same for two people or five. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about additional costs or giving tips to the waiter every time you get a service. This way, it will be like you are at home, but just in a completely new and exciting place.

Hotels Provide Greater Luxury

If you like spending your holiday without any obligations and worries about meals or cleaning, then hotels will provide the wanted comfort. There is staff responsible for maintaining hygiene and preparing meals. You will just need to relax and enjoy the days the best you can. It is a perfect opportunity to let go all the stress of trying to prepare everything in time. Besides, you will get the chance to try local specialties. It will spread your views and give you the opportunity to feel the local culture and cuisine first hand.

Vacation Rentals Give a Greater Freedom

If you prefer having your privacy intact and not having to always be careful if your kids will laugh loud or not, then vacation rentals are the answer. You have the key, there is no reception, no need to leave the key to the staff, to think about the cleaning schedules that you need to follow. There is more room for relaxation, even for a party with friends, late night outs and the possibility to prepare the food that you like. Vacation rentals are usually equipped with all necessary kitchen appliances that you may need. In addition, preparing meals will save you lots of money that you would spend on restaurants. Not bad, right? You can use this money for some other things, like going to a concert or for buying souvenirs.

Hotels Provide Structure

Even though vacation is for complete relaxation, some people still want some kind of structure. There is a time for meals, time for cocktails, time for sleeping and time for checking out. This is usually convenient for perfectionists who prefer to have well-known schedule to organize their time accordingly.

No matter which type of person you are and the needs that your family has, there are plenty of options available for you to choose. Carefully weigh all the pros and cons and the chances that you will completely enjoy your vacation will increase.

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Make sure you ask all the questions you are interested in, don’t be shy, because lack of information can ruin your perfect vacation and the image you have in your mind concerning a perfect vacation. Consider the wishes and desires of your family, the possibilities and the budget you have at your disposal. Make a decision accordingly and simply enjoy and have the best time ever!


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