How Vacation Travel Club Work

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Vacation clubs have become very popular lately. You may already receive an offer or two, but most people don’t understand the concept very well. There are beaches, wonderful hotels, apartments, but what that actually means? It is very important to find out all the benefits you will get, the periods of time that the condo, hotel room or a villa will be available for you to use. Make sure that all the factors suit you and your family since membership comes with a certain price.

What Do You Get?

There is a choice concerning the program you can choose. There are usually two or three and there is an apartment, hotel room or a villa that you can use for a certain number of weeks during some part of the year. The period is usually a week, but there are also programs that allow the member to use it several weeks a year.

Even though you buy a certain location, there is always a possibility to trade for some other location or for a different time if for some reason you change your mind about the choice you have made.

The Membership Conditions

There is a wide range of prices and it can go from a couple of thousand dollars up to a couple of hundred thousand. Depending on your budget and your wishes, you can choose the one you like the most. Some memberships are permanent such as the ownership of real-estate, while some other may be available for a certain amount of time. In case you want to stop being a member, you can always sell it by a little bit lower price.


Categories of Vacation Clubs

There are three vacation club categories that you can find:

  1. Ownership programs – this means that programs are operated by few individuals owning properties in different locations around the world. They are also known as Destination clubs.
  2. Resort/condo chains – these are networks of affiliated or owned vacation chains. There are all price range programs that you can choose from modest condos to luxuries villas.
  3. Resort/hotel chains – there are worldwide famous chains of hotels that have vacation clubs such as Disney, Hyatt and Four Seasons.

Timeshare Promotions

Even though some people claim that timeshare and vacation travel clubs are not the same thing, the concept is the same. Timeshare promotions are actually packages that can be purchased and be available for some time of the year. Most hotels have these kinds of offers, so when you wish to spend a couple of weeks on a vacation, you can be in a special condo instead of a regular room.

Even though this may sound complicated, once you start gathering information, it will become clear what it means. The most important thing is to carefully choose the vacation club in order to avoid scams that appeared lately on the market. Ask all the things you want to know, go into detail because it is not a small investment.

The more information you get, the easier it will be and will lifelong benefits. Rushing these things can only get you in the trouble because some vacation travel clubs do not allow selling of the membership. In that case, you will want to be as sure as possible that you are making the right decision.


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